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Tatiana with her birthday cake

Last night, Tatiana and some family members and friends celebrated her birthday at a restaurant near el Parque del Perro. I went late since I didn’t want to eat a big meal late in the evening. I was in time, though, for a piece of cake. Afterwards, six of us piled into a little taxi to go to Jamundí for salsa dancing at Las Brisas. It was my second time there. It’s about 20 to 30 minutes from Cali. We started out with a table of 3 women and 3 guys. After dancing some, about 6 to 9 more guys show up. The odds were bad for much time on the dance floor. I don’t really like the place. I like the music played at Tin Tin Deo better. Also, it’s far from Cali and it’s expensive to take a taxi. Of course, it’s cheaper if there are 6 people to split the fare. It was a strange evening. For me, there were too many foreigners in the group. I prefer to spend my time here with Colombians. I did meet a couple of guys, though, who were nice and we compared notes about being in Colombia.

Been thinking a lot again today about whether I want to return here next October for another year or not. I want to do a little research on places in Mexico, the cost of living, etc. to see if I might want to spend some time there. After over 2 years of living here in Cali, I have mixed feelings about staying here. I’m also getting my resume done in Spanish. I want to set up an interview with the director of photography at the newspaper here. If I can get some part time or freelance work as a photographer or photo editor, then my feelings on staying here would change some. Right now I have too much time to think and my mind wanders a lot to other places. I think of other things I could be doing or other places I could be doing them in.

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