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Lap-by-Lap: Watkins Glen New York JP Montoya / STANDINGS

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Lap-by-Lap: Watkins Glen New York JP Montoya / STANDINGS

2010 Sprint Cup Series Schedule & Results

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25 September 5 Atlanta
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CHECKERED FLAG: Juan Montoya takes the checkered flag after dominating the Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at the Glen. Kurt Busch is second, Marcos Ambrose third, A.J. Allmendinger fourth and Carl Edwards fifth.

Lap 90 -- WHITE FLAG: Juan Montoya has led 73 laps today. This should be No. 74.

Lap 89 -- Two laps to go, and no one's got anything for Juan Montoya, barring something out of the ordinary.

Lap 88 -- Jeff Burton is running 10th, and will make a good move in the points.

Lap 87 -- Kevin Harvick gets around Jamie McMurray for sixth, as the points leader starts eyeing Carl Edwards for another top-five finish.

Lap 86 -- Problems for Regan Smith in the 78. He's trying to make his way to pit road and keep the yellow off the track.

Lap 85 -- We're coming up on five to go, and Juan Montoya is out of the vision field of Marcos Ambrose.

Lap 84 -- And now it's over 4 seconds. He's a lone man out in front of the field.

Lap 83 -- Juan Montoya is just toying with the field now. His lead is currently over 3.5 seconds. Barring a mistake, Marcos Ambrose will have to wait for his first Cup victory.

Lap 82 -- Never mind. Sam Hornish Jr. just had a bobble, and he's gotten passed by both Matt Kenseth and Martin Truex Jr.

Lap 81 -- Juan Montoya is just holding his line, driving where he needs to be, and his lead continues to grow. Ryan Newman and Sam Hornish Jr. have the best battle currently in the top 15.

Lap 80 -- Juan Montoya is now up by around 2.6 seconds with 11 to go.

Lap 79 -- Bit by bit, Juan Montoya was stretching out his lead. Marcos Ambrose is hanging tough, but he's nearly 1.8 seconds back with 12 laps to go.

Lap 78 -- Carl Edwards, running fifth, just scraped the outside wall, but he's still been able to hold off Jamie McMurray for that spot.

Lap 77 -- Marcos Ambrose gets around Kurt Busch, and now has 14 laps left to try to get to, and past, Juan Montoya to earn his first Cup Series victory and become the first driver to sweep a Watkins Glen weekend.

Lap 76 -- They completed a green-flag lap! Ryan Newman has gotten up to 11th, with Jeff Gordon right behind him in 12th. Juan Montoya up front, meanwhile, is checking out. Kurt Busch has been strong, but hasn't battled for the lead. Marcos Ambrose is behind him.

Lap 75 -- GREEN FLAG: Juan Montoya again leads the field to the flag. The top five:
1. Juan Montoya
2. Marcos Ambrose
3. Kurt Busch
4. A.J. Allmendinger
5. Jamie McMurray

Montoya has another strong start, but after an initial push, Ambrose falls back to third. Kurt Busch is now second. Carl Edwards is closing up on A.J. Allmendinger for fourth.

Lap 72 -- Don't look now, but Sam Hornish Jr. is up to 11th. Ryan Newman is 12th, Jeff Gordon 13th and Paul Menard 14th. The front two are the same as they have been virtually all day: Juan Montoya and Marcos Ambrose. We're inside 20 laps to go.

Lap 71 -- That wreck takes two of the top 12 cars out of the race. Denny Hamlin said guys are "dive-bombing" each other while not even racing for the lead. He's obviously not pleased with the outcome.

Lap 70 -- GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch and Marcos Ambrose are battling for second as Juan Montoya holds the lead. Carl Edwards and A.J. Allmendinger are battling spiritedly for fourth. YELLOW FLAG NO. 5: Jimmie Johnson spins out, and he collects Denny Hamlin after he hits the wall.

Lap 69 -- They're working on Boris Said's car in the garage, but his strong run in that No. 83 car just got negated. Said just said in an interview said Tony Stewart was doing his deal, Said was doing his deal and their deals collided. Now that is some NASCAR talk.

Lap 68 -- There was some shuffling in the top 10 during that final restart, with Greg Biffle falling way back. The top 10: Juan Montoya, Marcos Ambrose, Kurt Busch, A.J. Allmendinger, Carl Edwards, Jamie McMurray, Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Burton.

Lap 67 -- Tony Stewart calls Boris Said an "idiot" for trying to run him off the racing line. I think everyone saw that coming. The leaders have taken what should be their final pit stops, so the driver who survives the white-knuckle racing over the final 23 laps will be the winner.

Lap 66 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 4: Boris Said spins out, having restarted ninth, and has a LOT of damage to the rear of his car. Said had pushed Tony Stewart to the outside, and Stewart didn't take kindly. The payback sent Said spinning.

Lap 65 -- GREEN FLAG: Juan Montoya and Marcos Ambrose take them to the flag. That's a bad restart for Greg Biffle, who got shuffled way wide and lost a bunch of spots, from eighth to 25th. Yikes.

Lap 64 -- LEAD CHANGE: Juan Montoya is back in the lead as the final cars hit pit road. The top 10 when we restart will be:
1. Juan Montoya
2. Marcos Ambrose
3. Kurt Busch
4. A.J. Allmendinger
5. Jamie McMurray
6. Carl Edwards
7. Greg Biffle
8. Kevin Harvick
9. Boris Said
10. Kyle Busch

Best radio exchange so far: Mark Martin, after hearing about Clint Bowyer's problems -- "OK, cool. We'll try not to wreck this thing." As they run now, Martin is 12th in the points, ahead of Bowyer, for the final spot in the Chase cutoff.

Lap 63 -- LEAD CHANGE: Mark Martin has the lead, for now, but will be headed for the pits. He, Andy Lally and David Ragan are at the front of the field, but after this shakes out, it will be back to Juan Montoya and Marcos Ambrose. Sound familiar?

Lap 62 -- Clint Bowyer is behind the wall. Something has broken on his car, and the debris in Turn 7 is from him. That's a BIG loss for him in the points standings. YELLOW FLAG NO. 3: The race is under yellow for the piece that came off Bowyer's car.

Lap 61 -- LEAD CHANGE: Ryan Newman takes over the lead when his teammate, Tony Stewart, hits the pits without having led a lap officially.

Lap 60 -- Juan Montoya and Marcos Ambrose hit pit road. Four tires and fuel for Montoya, no changes. Same for Ambrose.

Lap 59 -- Denny Hamlin has taken some air pressure adjustments to try to help his car for the final push. We're getting to the point where the leaders will need to pit. Kurt Busch is on pit road, looking for more rear grip.

Lap 58 -- Brad Keselowski's car is trying to stay on the lead lap, holding up Juan Montoya and Marcos Ambrose. Kevin Harvick is on pit road, taking four tires and fuels but no changes.

Lap 57 -- Kevin Harvick has picked up another spot, to eighth. Clint Bowyer is on pit road, saying his car is loose. He's been better on long runs. Sam Hornish Jr. is also on pit road.

Lap 56 -- Marcos Ambrose has cut the lead under one second. Juan Montoya is still leading, but Ambrose is coming. Jimmie Johnson is battling Matt Kenseth for 16th.

Lap 55 -- It's single file, and well spaced out, behind the two top cars. Juan Montoya and Marcos Ambrose have been the class of the field this far.

Lap 54 -- Marcos Ambrose has shaved about a half-second off Juan Montoya's lead, getting it down to around the 1.8-second mark.

Lap 53 -- Clint Bowyer has made up 20 spots, now up to 14th and right behind his teammate, Jeff Burton, for 13th.

Lap 52 -- Tony Stewart has gotten around Denny Hamlin and worked his way into the top 10. He was confident before the race, and he's been moving forward the past several laps, slowly but surely.

Lap 51 -- Juan Montoya continues to lead, and Marcos Ambrose isn't making room up right now. But still 39 laps to go.

Lap 50 -- Marcos Ambrose is back, passing Kurt Busch going into Turn 1 where his earlier problems were. He's already pulling away from Busch. Juan Montoya's lead is still more than two seconds.

Lap 49 -- No yellow flag for Martin Truex's problems, as we stay green as he's tossing all kind of smoke into the air. Tire rub is the call.

Lap 48 -- Marcos Ambrose is back around A.J. Allmendinger for third and is now looking at Kurt Busch as he tries to make his way back to the front. Kevin Harvick is up to ninth now.

Lap 47 -- Kyle Busch is closing on Jeff Burton for 12th on the points. A replay, with audio, shows Marcos Ambrose wheel-hopped going into Turn 1.

Lap 46 -- GREEN FLAG: Marcos Ambrose and Juan Montoya, as usual, lead the field to the flag as the battle renews. Ambrose got a huge jump on the restart, but then got trapped on the inside. LEAD CHANGE: Juan Montoya is in the lead. They're three-wide and Ambrose is back to fourth, behind Montoya, Kurt Busch and A.J. Allmendinger.

Lap 44 -- The leaders stay on the track when pit road opens. It's only been about 16-20 laps for most of the cars since they pitted, and the window is around 33-37 laps for pits.

Lap 43 -- Scott Speed had made it back out on the course, but now is stopped on the side of the track. Brian Pattie is telling Juan Montoya to "drive it like a maniac."

Lap 42 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 2 -- Bobby Labonte's car stopped for a bit on the inner loop, and they've thrown the flag. He's back moving, but they're still under caution. Brad Keselowski also spun and made contact with a guardrail, but his car doesn't appear to be hurt too badly.

Lap 41 -- Marcos Ambrose's pass came going into Turn 1, when he dove to the inside and held off Juan Montoya.

Lap 40 -- LEAD CHANGE: Marcos Ambrose finally gets around Juan Montoya, taking over the lead. Kurt Busch remains third.

Lap 39 -- Juan Montoya was faster than Marcos Ambrose on the last lap. Boris Said is in the top 10, running ninth, and don't look now but Kyle Busch is up in the top 15. He's right behind Jeff Burton, who's running 14th after starting 22nd.

Lap 38 -- It's become (become?) a follow-the-leader situation up front, with the gap between first and second largely being static. Juan Montoya knows he has to hold his line to keep Marcos Ambrose behind him.

Lap 37 -- Juan Montoya and Marcos Ambrose might be using up all they have just to battle for the lead, not even halfway through the race. Kurt Busch is off the leaders' pace, but is still running third.

Lap 36 -- While we're continuing to watch the battle up front, Clint Bowyer is up from 34th to 18th. Marcos Ambrose's move for the lead could come on the next lap.

Lap 35 -- Marcos Ambrose is giving Juan Montoya a few taps on the back bumper, letting him know he's there, but he still hasn't really made the move to get around Montoya.

Lap 34 -- Marcos Ambrose is riding right behind Juan Montoya, biding his time. His car is much faster than Montoya's on a lap-to-lap basis.

Lap 33 -- Denny Hamlin is up to seventh, and A.J. Allmendinger goes inside and gets around Carl Edwards for fourth. Marcos Ambrose is closing on Juan Montoya for the lead, with Kurt Busch just behind those two.

Lap 32 -- And just like that, Marcos Ambrose gets past Carl Edwards. Bad news for Edwards is that Kurt Busch also got around him, putting Edwards down to fourth from second.

Lap 31 -- GREEN FLAG: Juan Montoya and Marcos Ambrose take them to the flag, battling for the lead. Carl Edwards got a great jump from third and is up past Ambrose now. Ambrose is taking a look to get around Edwards, but hasn't been able to do it yet.

Lap 30 -- Marcos Ambrose said during the yellow that he felt pretty comfortable with his car as it is.

Lap 29 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 1 -- P.J. Jones is off course, bringing out the first caution. Kasey Kahne got off pit road before the yellow came out. The top five right now:
• Juan Montoya
• Marcos Ambrose
• Carl Edwards
• A.J. Allmendinger
• Kurt Busch

Jimmie Johnson is up to ninth after his early unscheduled pit stop, but will still have to make an extra stop compared to the others. Marcos Ambrose was already making up serious ground on Montoya, and with the restart, he could make a move at the lead.

Lap 28 -- Four tires and fuel, with no changes, for Marcos Ambrose. Carl Edwards said his car is tight, and A.J. Allmendinger said his is loose. Tight in and out for Tony Stewart, and all three took four tires and fuel.

Lap 27 -- Four tires and fuel for Juan Montoya during his stop. Four tires and fuel for Denny Hamlin as well, who was running eighth at the time.

Lap 26 -- Marcos Ambrose is running two-tenths of a second faster than Juan Montoya now, and is slowly working his way toward the lead.

Lap 25 -- Green flag pit stops are under way, and Kurt Busch is on pit road right now. Meanwhile, Marcos Ambrose has gotten past A.J. Allmendinger for second place behind Juan Montoya.

Lap 21 -- Ryan Newman (13th) and Kevin Harvick (14th) have both picked up six spots since the start of the race.

Lap 20 -- Juan Montoya has completely checked out, using the fresh air and his road-course experience to open up a six-second lead on the rest of the field. A.J. Allmendinger is behind him, with Marcos Ambrose up to third. Pole-sitting Carl Edwards is fourth, and Jamie McMurray is fifth.

Lap 19 -- Denny Hamlin is up to ninth after starting 14th. Jeff Burton is also working his way through the field. Kyle Busch is up to 18th after starting at the rear.

Lap 18 -- Scott Speed is behind the wall, and they're not optimistic he'll be back on the track today.

Lap 17 -- Marcos Ambrose is on the move, still, moving up from his 11th-place start. He's now closing on Jamie McMurray, and just took over third.

Lap 16 -- Jimmie Johnson was running 10th, and he's down to 24th now. He says he thinks he might have a tire going down, so he's on pit road for four new ones.

Lap 15 -- Slight computer problems, but we're back up and running. Juan Montoya has taken over the lead, and they're following from there. Marcos Ambrose just got around Carl Edwards for fourth.

Lap 5 -- Greg Biffle is up to fourth after starting seventh. Elliott Sadler made an early stop for some fuel.

Lap 4 -- The bus stop is kicking up some dirt as cars circle through, making the going tough as the race goes on.

Lap 3 -- We're single file up front, with Denny Hamlin looking inside of Jimmie Johnson for fourth place. It's an EGR party up front with Juan Montoya running second to Jamie McMurray.

Lap 2 -- LEAD CHANGE: Jamie McMurray gets past Carl Edwards, and Edwards is fighting a tight car as he's dropping through the field. He's down to fifth now. Kyle Busch is working his way through the field after starting from the rear.

Lap 1 -- Carl Edwards opens up a lead after Jamie McMurray ends up slightly off tracks in the esses. They're still running two-wide through some of the pack. Jamie McMurray runs Edwards wide and takes the lead.

1:25 p.m. -- GREEN FLAG: Carl Edwards leads the field to green after claiming his first pole since the 2008 season.

1:21 p.m. -- Kyle Busch is having problems before the race even starts. They're putting a spacer in his right rear.

1:07 p.m. -- Scott Blake, senior vice president of operations for Heluva Good! gives the command to start engines.

1:01 p.m. -- The American national anthem is performed by former American Idol runner-up Bo Bice.

1:00 p.m. -- The invocation is given by Rev. Dan Fife of Bentley Creek Weslyan Church.

11:55 a.m. -- It's clear at Watkins Glen for the Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at the Glen. It's in the upper 70s right now, with it expected to reach lower 80s during the race and only a 10 percent chance of rain. Green is scheduled for 1:18 p.m. ET with Carl Edwards on the pole.

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2010 Official Driver Standings: Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at the Glen

Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at the Glen | Watkins Glen International | Race 22 of 36
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1--Kevin Harvick3210Leader220210154,570,800
2--Jeff Gordon3025-185220010133,851,590
3+2Jeff Burton2895-31522004123,407,890
4+3Kurt Busch2892-31822228134,923,840
5-1Jimmie Johnson2882-32822058124,655,670
6-3Denny Hamlin2872-3382205893,701,730
7-1Kyle Busch2866-34422225114,036,030
8--Tony Stewart2865-34522206123,543,750
9+1Carl Edwards2821-38922104113,440,940
10-1Matt Kenseth2806-4042200483,539,590
11--Greg Biffle2743-46722014123,338,590
12+1Mark Martin2641-5692210572,920,190
13-1Clint Bowyer2631-57922003112,935,580
14+1Ryan Newman2558-6522211263,198,880
15+2Jamie McMurray2547-6632232684,917,810
16-2Dale Earnhardt Jr.2520-6902210263,305,950
17-1Kasey Kahne2508-7022210573,522,510
18--David Reutimann2475-7352201443,362,100
19+2Juan Montoya2436-7742221593,332,520
20--Martin Truex Jr.2401-8092210152,583,960
21-2Joey Logano2393-8172210283,212,200
22--A.J. Allmendinger2387-8232210143,015,970
23--Paul Menard2341-8692200132,336,680
24--David Ragan2148-10622200012,325,870
25--Brad Keselowski2142-10682200002,755,910
26+2Marcos Ambrose2055-11552200132,719,480
27-1Scott Speed2045-11652200022,457,130
28-1Sam Hornish Jr.2024-11862200002,245,820
29--Elliott Sadler1936-12742200002,243,310
30--Regan Smith1824-13862200002,209,890
31--Bobby Labonte1674-15362200002,132,590
32--Travis Kvapil1543-16672100002,132,830
33--Robby Gordon1493-17171900112,202,820
34--Kevin Conway*1439-17712100001,926,120
35--David Gilliland1415-17951800001,738,260
36--Brian Vickers1158-20521100031,579,830
37--Joe Nemechek900-23102100001,817,170
38+2Max Papis867-23431700001,558,150
39-1David Stremme825-2385110000946,775
40-1Mike Bliss799-24111100021,083,400
41--Dave Blaney699-25111700001,345,820
42--Casey Mears654-255690000942,764
43--Bill Elliott609-260170000857,504
44+2Michael McDowell579-26311500001,334,680
45-1Reed Sorenson560-265080001934,749
46-1J.J. Yeley545-266590000693,504
47--Boris Said448-276260001739,493
48--Todd Bodine273-293760000543,384
49--Robert Richardson Jr.249-296130000524,460
50--Michael Waltrip200-301030000486,063
51--Landon Cassill186-302440000348,935
52--Terry Cook*164-304630000240,170
53+8Andy Lally161-304920000138,075
54-1Aric Almirola154-305640000330,573
55-1Johnny Sauter154-305640000308,612
56+2P.J. Jones138-307230000210,268
57-2Steve Park129-308110000100,400
58-2Jan Magnussen127-30831000092,500
59-2Mattias Ekstrom105-310510000118,023
60--Patrick Carpentier100-31101000077,025
61-2Scott Riggs79-31311000072,575
62-2Jacques Villeneuve76-313410000137,725
63-1John Andretti49-316110000286,779
64--Ron Fellows43-31671000060,840
65-2Geoffrey Bodine40-31701000063,045
66-2Tony Raines37-31731000093,129
67-2Chad McCumbee37-31731000062,890
68-2Brandon Ash0-3210000000
69-2Ted Musgrave0-3210000000
70-2Brian Simo0-3210000000
71--Tony Ave0-3210000000
72-3Derrike Cope0-32100000069,588
73-3Mike Wallace0-32100000021,995
74-3Norm Benning0-32100000050,504
75-3Jeff Fuller0-32100000021,920

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