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Welcome to Spring Semester 2013

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Networks: Friends, Money, and Bytes

Mung Chiang

A course driven by 20 practical questions about wireless, web, and the Internet, about how products from companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Ericsson, HP, Skype and AT&T work.
Fernando IX University

Hi, everyone,

This is an update on the Virtual Office Hours that Professor Chiang and the TAs will be hosting tomorrow at 11:00am EST (GMT -5:00) on UStream.

===[General Outline of the VOH]===
The general outline of the VOH tomorrow will be the following.
1. For the first half-hour, one of the TAs will go over questions in the midterm that were consistently challenging for the majority of students who elected to take the midterm.
2. For the second half-hour, Professor Chiang will take any questions on topics concerning or related to the course material, as well as any questions on the Grand Challenge Homeworks (GCH).

We expect the Virtual Office Hour to last at most one (1) hour in duration, and we will be recording it for future playback in case you may have prior obligations and cannot make the time.

===[How to get to the VOH]===
1. Go to the following URL: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/networks-fmb-virtual-office-hours
2. When the Virtual Office Hours (VOH) goes live at 11:00AM EST (GMT -5:00), your video will automatically turn on: there is no need to do anything beyond simply going to the site.

===[How to ask questions during the VOH]===
1. In the Chat box on the right-hand side of the screen, feel free to ask any course-related questions you may have on chapter topics, things Professor Chiang has mentioned in lecture, or even on the Grand Challenge Homeworks.
2. Please be patient: there may be many people asking questions during this session: Professor Chiang and the TAs will try to ask as many questions as we can. However, please do NOT spam the chat box by repeatedly asking your question--we will prioritize the most relevant questions regardless of how often other questions are asked.

During the course of the VOH, there may exist some lag in the video or echo in the audio: this is something that we cannot control, as it is a direct result of the UStream system architecture, and we are unable to address this.

Our UStream channel is currently an ad-supported channel for the purposes of testing the ability of UStream to meet our Virtual Office Hour needs: advertisements will periodically appear during the broadcast. Remember that we will be recording the broadcast, so if you miss anything, you can view the recorded VOH at a later time to see what you may have missed.

If the advertisements become too intrusive and there is a sufficiently large number of Coursera students interested in Virtual Office Hours, we may switch to a paid service without periodic advertisements--we will poll everyone at the end of the VOH session to see how much the advertisements have impacted your VOH experience.

See you then!

Networks: Friends, Money, and Bytes Course Staff

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